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Located in the north central area of Florida (Marion County), Ocala is a city that is in full development mode. In recent years it has seen accelerated growth, to such an extent that “Forbes” magazine has rated Ocala as number one in growth and employment opportunities in the state of Florida. Bloomberg Business, a well-known magazine that specializes in economic studies, has given the city of Ocala seventh place in economic growth in the nation for 2016. The inhabitants of Ocala are known for their friendliness and courtesy, creating an atmosphere of peace and security for its citizens.


LOCATION AND CLIMATE: Ocala is surrounded by cities like Orlando (home of the famous Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World theme parks) and Tampa (home of Busch Gardens theme park, ports and beaches). The average yearly temperature is 71.8 degrees F (22 degrees C.)

RECREATION: Unlimited activities for the family, such as fishing, canoeing and horseback riding, all in an area enhanced by natural beauty. Rainbow Springs State Park covers 1,000 acres and contains the fourth largest natural spring in Florida, with hiking paths, a natural pool, and endless recreational options. First class golf courses are in abundance all over the region. Also, several world-class beaches and amusement parks are just one hour away.

SECURITY: Ocala has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States.

ECONOMY: Economic growth is increasing and the local economy is stable. It is known as the world’s horse capital, with an industry that generates more than $2.2 billion a year. In addition, millions of dollars are being invested in the widening of highways and in new business construction, which means many more employment possibilities in the area. The cost of living is 13.4% lower than the rest of the country.

SERVICES: There are hospitals, schools, universities, banks, businesses and all types of first class services. Three of Ocala’s main hospitals, Munroe Regional Medical Center, Ocala Regional Medical Center and West Marion Community Hospital, have been recognized with awards and distinctions at the national level. There are many universities in the area, among them the famous University of Florida in Gainesville, one of the largest and most prominent in the U.S. It was founded in 1853 and is known for its research and related facilities. Marion County has 38 elementary schools, 8 high schools and 2 technical schools, as well as several universities. It has several airports with local and international flights.

PROPERTIES: 1,000 sq. meter (1/4 acre) and 4,000 sq. meter (1 acre) lots, ready for construction.

This project is strategically located. In the surrounding area, there are hospitals, universities, schools, churches, businesses, and everything necessary for a pleasant life, full of commodities and security. That makes it very attractive to residents and also profitable for those who acquire lots for the purpose of investment.


  • Paved roads and completely developed areas.
  • Electricity, internet, cable and phone service available
  • Ready for construction without startup time limits
  • 16 miles from interstate highway I-75 and a few minutes from route US 41
  • 19 miles from the center of Ocala
  • Parks and recreational areas in the project, including 10 acres of tennis and racketball courts, a baseball field, play areas for children and much more.
  • The local public schools offer high-level academic programs and transportation is provided by the school district.
Now is the best time to invest in this project in the U.S. with a solid guarantee from American Prime.
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