FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - American Prime Group
Can I purchase in the U.S.A. if I don’t have a visa?
Yes. The U.S. government law permits anyone over the age of 18 to invest, regardless of his or her immigration status.
Are there regulations about the size of the building?
The municipality determines that the minimum construction size must be 110 sq. meters, and the maximum must be no more than 30% of the lot area. Construction may include two floors. On lots of 4,000 sq. meters, a main house may be built as well as a guest house, as long as it has less than 600 sq feet and it doesn´t have a kitchen. Also, the lots cannot be divided, so if you sell your lot in the future, it must be sold with both houses on it.
What kind of animals may I have on my property?

In these projects only domestic animals are permitted, dogs, cats, etc.

American Prime does have lots where other types of animals are permitted, such as cows, horses, etc. Contact us for more information about that type of property.

If I purchase a property with American Prime, will I be able to get a visa or U.S. residency?
No. The act of purchasing property with American Prime does not grant you any type of advantage in obtaining a visa. That is a process you have to handle directly with the appropriate authorities wherever you reside. (U.S. Embassy or Consulate).
Can I put a business on one of these lots?
No. These lots are 100% residential, and no type of business is permitted. If you need a commercial lot, you may contact us so that a representative can help you find the right option for you.
Can I subdivide the lot?
No. The lots have been divided by the municipality and they do not allow further subdivision of any lot.
Do I have to fence in the lot? I don’t live in the U.S. What happens if my lot is taken over by someone?
You do not have to put a fence around your property. U.S. law prohibits anyone from taking over any property that does not belong to him or her. Any activity done on the property must be approved by the municipality. If a person cannot prove that he is the rightful owner, the owner can have that person removed from the property.
Are there other expenses besides the cost of the lot?
Yes, the cost of the title search or transfer. This varies, depending on the size of the lot, between $950.00 and $1,300.00.
How much are the taxes on each lot?
Taxes on each lot vary depending on the county in which it is situated and the value of the property. Taxes are annual payments assessed towards the end of each year.